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May 1, 2017 Minutes

Village of Republican City

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on May 1, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. at the Fire Station with Trustees Eddy, Einspahr, Hammond and Orcutt present. Clerk Waldo, Utility Supervisor Whetstine and Larry Humphrey were also present. Posted notices in three public places within the village. Notice of meeting and agenda was given to Trustees in advance. As required by law Chairman Eddy, pointed out the copy of the Opens Meeting Act posted on the wall for public viewing and called the meeting to order. Proceedings shown were taken while convened meeting was open to the public.

Motion by Orcutt, seconded by Einspahr, to approve the minutes of the last meeting as published Voting Aye: Eddy, Einspahr, Hammond and Orcutt. There were no votes against the motion. Absent: Valentine. Motion carried.

Motion by Einspahr, seconded by Hammond to pay the following bills:

GENERAL: Black Hills Energy, $167.75; State of NE, $562.14; State of NE, $34.93; Verizon, $111.37; IRS, $115.74; Lake Automotive, $4.00; Platte Valley Comm., $156.53; EMS Billing Service, $396.19; Presto X, $55.62; 5-R Repair, $635.59; TVPPD, $437.40; Harlan County Journal, $68.39; Frontier Comm., $111.92; M. Waldo, $156.56; Payroll, $512.76; Island, $466.08; Island, $59.63; Contryman Assoc, $3700.00; Trustworthy Hardware, $100.94; Black Hills Energy, $102.56.

STREET: State of NE, $368.49; Lake Automotive, $4.00; TVPPD, $1372.33; Island, $59.63.

WATER: Black Hills Energy, $77.22; UHC, $2161.15; IRS, $919.22; Lake Automotive, $4.00; TVPPD, $180.88; USPS, $34.00; Payroll, $3054.41; NE Public Health Env Lab, $150.00; Island, $59.64; SPD, $150.00; Black Hills Energy, $68.18.

WASTEWATER: Lake Automotive, $4.00; USPS, $34.00; Island, $59.64.

Voting Aye: Eddy, Einspahr, Hammond and Orcutt. There were no votes against the motion. Absent: Valentine. Motion carried.

RECEIPTS: Ambulance billing income, $878.07; State of NE, $4518.42; Peddler Permit, $10.00; Donations, $605.00; State Farm, $5.00; TVPPD, $3330.17; Harlan County Clerk, $7477.79; Utility Billing, $8607.44; Int Inc- CD, $39.07; Int Inc- ckg, $62.12.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

One bid was received for the Southern Horizons, Lot 14. Motion by Hammond, seconded by Orcutt to accept the bid of $8,110.00 from Ken Berry and Shirley Webb for Southern Horizons Addition, Lot 14. Voting Aye: Eddy, Einspahr, Hammond and Orcutt. There were no votes against the motion. Absent: Valentine. Motion carried.

Discussion was held regarding the proposed RV Park. No additional information was been received regarding a new estimate. Received information regarding a grant through Nebraska Game and Parks that the village would be eligible to apply for.

Thank you to all those that donated money and their time to the Easter Egg Hunt. The theater will be presenting a bid for room repairs in the near future. An addition to a garage/building was completed without a building permit and is within ten feet of the power lines. Property owner will be notified and item will be put on agenda for next meeting.

Complaint has been received regarding building materials and building material scraps as well as unfinished areas around residence at 11 Pioneer Drive. Letter will be sent to property owner.

Question was raised regarding boarding dogs at a residence where the owner does not live (i.e.- rents a building, but does not live on premises). There is no ordinance or state statute prohibiting the kenneling of dogs at a non-residence. Discussion was held regarding dogs at large. The village does not currently have a leash law.

Larry Humphrey was present to discuss residential construction regulations and if a metal building with living quarters would be acceptable under these regulations. Current building regulations that directly conflict with a traditional metal building are the requirement of a non-reflective roof and exterior material of a color, material and scale comparable with those existing in residential site-built, single-family construction. Pamphlets from several companies were presented.

Motion by Hammond, seconded by Orcutt to adjourn at 6:07 p.m.

The next regular scheduled village board meeting will be held Monday, June 5th, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. at the Fire Hall. Meeting is open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend.

Melissa Waldo, Clerk

Village of Republican City

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